I wish I had something great to write, dear Readers.

I write so many posts in my head, mostly while I'm driving. (At least, I'm not texting, right?)

Somehow, real life and a real job writing (even if it is kind of a writers' sweatshop) seems to edge out this place where writing is free and tamed only by my own self copy editing and your (mostly) kind comments.

Real life--lacrosse games for one, drama practice for another, and "could you put some money in my account?" for the other one--seems to take up a good bit of non-working time. And, I decided to read more.

And, I cleaned out our closet--organized it, actually.

The Mister built some really fine shelves, and I had a ball styling those. I'm terrible about remembering to take "before and after" pictures, but you would be impressed. Oh, there's other stuff, too--a little cooking, Downton Abbey, a new eyelining technique for women over 50--but, mostly there's the writing for work and the not writing for fun.

And, the not writing is not working.
Is it just me?  Do people decorate for Valentine’s Day?  Well, I do.  Not in the my-house-looks-like-a-retail-store kind of way, but more with a heart here and a dash of red there—and as the day draws closer with a little sprinkling of chocolate.  Love—romantic and other kinds, too—seems worthy of celebration, especially in the bleak mid-winter.

Some will craft clever cards with paper and stamps, while others will make elaborate cookies and candies.  Still others will don something sparkly and sip something bubbly.  Most likely, I’ll dabble in all of the aforementioned, but mostly I’ll decorate.
IMG_3462IMG_3463A little red heart on the chest in the living room adds a touch of love.IMG_3457IMG_3466Rosebuds and ribbon serve the same purpose in the family room.IMG_3467And a little needlepoint hanger on the clock reminds one that it’s never too late to love.IMG_3472IMG_3473IMG_3474Handmade hearts from my littlest Valentines brighten up the kitchen, where nothin’ says lovin’ like well, you know. IMG_3486IMG_3484And 16-year-old wax paper and crayon hearts spread the love to the sitting area nearby.IMG_3491IMG_3492When we honeymooned at The Balsams, we found a stone fireplace in a lakeside cabin.  Engraved in the granite mantel were the words, I CANNOT WARM YOU IF YOUR HEART BE COLD, which the Mister continues to quote to this day.  So, to remember The Balsams and our wonderful time there, a red construction paper chain and a berry wreath.IMG_3478Finally, keeping all three children’s preschool and grade school artwork wasn’t realistic, but tossing out handmade Valentines was impossible.  I love them.
IMG_3479For sentimental reasons.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?
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